Speed & Efficiency

The second-hand nautical market is very dynamic but tighter than in the past. The offer is no longer so plethoric, and many units are selling out quickly. The power of the Boat Partners network and proximity allow unparalleled responsiveness on the market. The network can offer you and analyze many more offers in a short time than you could do on your own. For you, this translates into: more offers, more choices, for a better decision!


Buy a boat is an important decision, especially when it is a first acquisition. The affective dimension linked to this approach can affect the objectivity of your analysis on a boat (love at first sight). The rigorous analysis methodology put in place by Boat Partners and emotional detachment allows us to offer you a very objective view of the units that we analyse on your behalf. You will receive a complete file with more than 150 checkpoints, maintenance invoices collected from sellers, many photos and a visit video to facilitate your choice.


When you decide to buy a boat on your own, you will approach one or more sellers, individuals or professionals. They have an interest in making their sale and may tend to highlight the advantages of the boat they are offering but also to minimize its disadvantages. The expertise and inspection methodology of Boat Partners agents makes it possible to detect any flaws in the sellers' discourse. Not being affiliated with any seller or broker, our mission is 100% dedicated to serving our customers with complete integrity!

Financial optimization

Price negotiation is not always easy for everyone, especially when you are really interested in the boat that is offered. The detailed analysis of the boat and the emotional detachment of the Boat Partners agents makes it possible to engage with the seller in a negotiation based on tangible factual elements. For you, it is the assurance of a negotiation carried out under the best conditions, and will allow you to save money, especially when the reduction in price obtained is greater than the cost of our service.

We have published for your attention the buyer's guide which explains in detail all the steps of the process.