The power of networking

The second-hand nautical market is dynamic but tense, Boat Partners has initiated a new offer on the market by creating the first European network of "boat hunters". In the same way as it is practiced in real estate, Boat Partner is mandated by its customers to find on their behalf the best possible boat for their requirements.

If you wish to develop this activity, combining your skills with those of the Boat Partners network gives you much more significant visibility and credibility than if you remain independent.

The marketing implemented by the Boat Partners central office as well as the presence at the biggest boat shows will allow you to have a larger customer portfolio. Sharing experiences and group dynamics will facilitate your development in a constantly changing world.

You are passionate about boating, you have experience and in-depth knowledge of boats, you live near a navigation area in Europe, you too can join our network of Partners!

We provide you with leading international marketing and communication, a working methodology, training and all the tools necessary to set up your business; You can start this timeshare activity at first if you wish.

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